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The advantages of BAMTEC

  • Reduction of laying time by 80-90% due to quick rolling out of few reinforcing steel elements
  • Reinforcement steel savings of up to 40% due to selectable bar diameter, bar distance and bar length
  • Higher laying quality due to easy positioning and exact bar length


  • Quality assurance and high level of performance due to computer controlled, fully automatic production
  • Simple reinforcement plans
  • Ergonomic working method on the construction site
  • Reduction of total construction time
  • Energy and CO2 reduction due to material efficiency

The idea

BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology was invented in1994. It followed the worldwide distribution of the flat in situ concrete floor based on the finite elements of floor calculation.

BAMTEC stands for Bewehrungs-Abbund-Maschinen-Technologie (reinforcement beam machine technology).

BAMTEC is a particularly cost effective procedure for planning, manufacture and installation of surface reinforcement for reinforced concrete slabs, reinforced concrete floors and reinforced concrete walls.



The technology is also successfully implemented in the construction of rail routes, tunnels, bridges and motorways out of reinforced concrete. (See references).

BAMTEC elements are used instead of normal reinforcement. These contain exclusively uni axially installed round steel bars which are combined into an assembly unit using transverse steel bands.

The innovation BAMTEC combines the work of the statics office with the production of reinforcement using data processing technology.

How does BAMTEC work?
With the usual reinforcement process of reinforced concrete floors, simple reinforcing steel elements such as round bars steel or reinforcement steel mesh are individually defined in the plan, individually prepared, positioned and delivered in the bending operation and built in piece by piece on the construction site using laying columns.

The BAMTEC reinforcement system significantly changes this procedure. The positioned individual bars and/or individual mesh are no longer delivered to the construction site. Complete layers of reinforcement are used in a rolled form – so called “tailor made reinforcing steel elements”.


A separate BAMTEC element is constructed, manufactured, delivered and installed for each of the two reinforcement directions. The number of reinforcing steel elements to be installed is dramatically reduced.

These BAMTEC elements are in most cases rolled out at right angles to each other. The rolls consist of parallel round bars which are combined using transfer steel bands. This means that two rolls are required in each of the bottom and top rolled up layer of reinforcements, so a total of four.


The layers of reinforcement do not consist of standard elements, rather are individually produced for the relevant layout and load.

The element width is oriented towards the maximum bar length in the element. The maximum bar length is 15 m. All lengths, distances and diameters in between are possible which result in optimised reinforcement according to the statics calculations.



The maximum weight of a roll is 1.5 tonnes (approx. 100 kg/m). Therefore it is guaranteed that a BAMTEC element can be rolled out onto a standard separator by just two workers.

The length of the BAMTEC elements arises from the layout and the permitted weight. They can be up to 25 metres long.


BAMTEC Planning

The statics calculation of the reinforced concrete floors is carried out using a finite element programme. In this way the required reinforcement in x and y direction for the upper and lower layers is known separately.

After separating the floor area into the least possible number of elements the BAMTEC software automatically defines the construction of the elements, therefore the position, length and bar diameter of each bar in the element. Recesses and supplementary reinforcements can thereby be taken into account. The element conforms precisely



to isolines of the required reinforcement and can be processed by hand if necessary. At least four reinforcing steel elements are necessary per floor.


Overall three plans will be compiled:
Planung Planung Planung
- The overview plan shows the layout and calculated round steel bar position. It serves to control planning and implementation.   - The production plan contains the individual elements, the steel list and accompanying production data description for the production.   - The laying plan contains the layout, the measured element release point, the element roll direction with description. The elements will be rolled out onto the construction site according to the laying plan.

BAMTEC Production





The machine control data and the plans are sent to the BAMTEC manufacturers electronically.

The fully automatic BAMTEC machine is controlled using this data. The system welds the bars into the calculated distances and positions on the transverse steel band. Hereby bars of Ø 8 mm to Ø 20 mm are processed from the coil. All thicker bars up to Ø 36 mm are processed manually from round steel bars.

The BAMTEC machine is constructed for one man operation.



Transport   Verlegung

The BAMTEC elements are transported to the construction site with trucks that can carry a load of 25t.

The assembly of BAMTEC elements is conceivably easy!

Without a cross beam the rolled out element can be conveyed to its starting point with the crane. Due to the minimum number of reinforcing steel elements and the rapid roll out the laying is greatly accelerated and simplified. This can also lead to a reduction of the total construction time.

An element with a total weight of up to 1.5 t can be rolled out effortlessly by two workers. The time to install the reinforcement will be minimised. As the laying of every BAMTEC
element is exactly defined, BAMTEC



Reinforcement Technology guarantees a high level of laying precision and layout quality. In particular the concrete cover of the upper layer of reinforcement will be adhered to precisely.

Laying time calculation for BAMTEC floor:  

Laying capacity for round steel bar 6 man hours/ tonne (diameter 10mm)

Laying capacity for BAMTEC 0.5 man hours / tonne

A BAMTEC friendly flat in situ concrete floor contains approx. 75% BAMTEC reinforcement and 25% round steel bar.

75% * 0.5 = 0.38 hours / tonne

25% * 6 = 1.50 hours / tonne


I.e. 1.88 hours would be required to lay a tonne of reinforced steel on a BAMTEC floor. In comparison with a floor with round steel bar reinforcement 4.12 hours laying time would be saved. This corresponds to a laying time reduction of 70% for the entire floor.



World record with entry in the ”Guinness book of records“
What many construction companies dream of became reality at a construction site in Kempten/Germany: two construction workers from Markgraf/Germany laid seven BAMTEC elements with a total weight of 6.36 t in just 42 minutes.


This means a laying capacity of 4.5t of structural steel per man per hour! According to this a construction worker could theoretically lay 36t of BAMTEC reinforcement in an 8 hour day, and a two man team around 70t per day. With normal methods this would mean around five weeks worth of laying work!

Ergonomic aspects
When positioning normal reinforcement the steel fixers work on the construction site over a long period of time, in a bent posture, which leads to significant back strain. By using BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology the back strain is significantly reduced and the strain on hands and underarms due to steel fixing can be prevented.


In this way BAMTEC significantly contributes to safety at work on the construction site and the preservation of health of the experts working there.


BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology is a highly efficient system for planning, manufacture and installation of rolled reinforcing steel elements. The extraordinary economic efficiency results from the consistent use of electronic data in reinforcement planning and production, from maximum material efficiency and resource


optimisation in every work step.

The main advantage compared to normal reinforcement is a reinforced concrete saving of up to 40%, a laying time reduction between 80 and 90% at the same time as improved quality.

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