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St. Gallen, Switzerland
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About us

Success through innovation, quality and service.

We have been an owner run consortium for more than 40 years. Well grounded

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engineering knowledge and experience from numerous projects combined with economically effective thinking are the basis for our developments in reinforced steel work.

The two innovations BAMTEC and BEEPLATE are two successful results from our longstanding activity on the market.

BAMTEC is produced and marketed under licence. With BAMTEC partners represented in 30 countries today we are forming a network which guarantees continual market penetration. Continual technical and business management further development guarantees the sustainable success of the innovation.

Apart from our company our partner companies are significantly involved in our success. The developer and manufacturer of BAMTEC machines is Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH, Hawangen, Germany.
Hundegger is a world market leader for fully automated beam machines for wood construction with a market share of 90% and holds numerous patents. The company employs 300 employees and operates 19 branches worldwide. The owner was amongst the most


successful entrepreneurs in Germany in 2006 as the price winner of „Bayern’s Best 50“.

Hundegger offers maintenance, service and problem solution 24 hours / day for their international customers and accelerates the further development of BAMTEC technology.

The second most important pillar of the system are software companies which create BAMTEC reinforcement planning software worldwide. You can find a list under BAMTEC partners.

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Our aim is to develop successful markets together with our business partners and licencees. The success of our partners is our success too. This obliges us to provide the highest performance, the best quality and intensive dedication.

With BAMTEC and BEEPLATE it is possible for your customers to realise orders cost effectively and quickly with a high level of quality.

The use of BAMTEC also contributes to safety at work. The employer’s liability insurance association for the construction industry (BG BAU) accentuates the ergonomic advantages of the BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology. In the case of reinforced concrete reinforcement with BAMTEC elements the load on the back, hands


and arms of the layer is significantly reduced. The result is less sick days and a more efficient working method, especially in cold or hot weather.

A large additional benefit of BAMTEC is that due to the reduced use of reinforced concrete, CO2 emissions are reduced which occur in the manufacture of structural steel. BAMTEC and BEEPLATE lead to a higher level of material efficiency.

BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology is increasingly being used worldwide. The reason for this is the continuously increasing price of steel, the increasing rationalisation pressure on the construction industry and glaring lack of experts.

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